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Yoga, a discipline with multiple benefits

mai 2, 2018

A discipline that combines physical, mental / emotional and spiritual benefits, yoga combines physical and respiratory exercises, concentration-meditation and relaxation.

It can be practiced by everyone, at their own pace according to their own abilities, accompanied by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Physical exercises, postures (asanas) and sequences

  • Give more flexibility,
  • revitalize the internal organs, certain postures operating a gentle massage on our organs,
  • revitalize the whole body by better circulating energy from head to toe,
  • harmonize the muscles: yoga works muscles that would otherwise never be used by our daily activities,
  • relax the spine,
  • allow you to memorize a “choreography”, a sequence, to develop your concentration,
  • develop perseverance and endurance (through regular work on postures),
  • strengthen the immune system and allow you to be better armed against colds and other chronic diseases,
  • relieve women who suffer from PMS, ensure better longevity.

Breathing exercises

  • Improve the quality of our breathing by developing the rib cage,
  • eliminate toxins and bacteria from the body,
  • strengthen our vitality by circulating vital energy at the level of the chakras,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • improve digestive functions,
  • promote relaxation and better management of our stress.

Concentration and meditation

  • exercisesImprove our intellectual faculties,
  • give us better mental clarity,
  • eliminate stray thoughts and increase our zest for life,
  • promote spiritual evolution, allow better self-control and greater openness to others.

Relaxation exercises

  • Let us learn to relax,
  • help us manage our stress, be patient
  • help us eliminate negative emotions,
  • improve the quality of sleep.

Practice with persistence

  • for some, it will be rather a very dynamic yoga
  • for others it will rather be a more relaxing yoga allowing spiritual opening
  • Once you have found and adopted the method that suits you, you have to practice, practice, practice.
  • It is important in yoga to be persistent and to practice very regularly to benefit from the benefits.
  • Ideally, two to three sessions per week (1 to 1.5 hours per session) is a good average.

At KAZEN Garden, our experienced teachers in different styles, accompany you to introduce you to the learning of Yoga by generally offering two sessions per day.

After a serious learning, you can then adopt a practice rhythm of 30 minutes each day.

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